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9 Affordable (and Last-Minute) Valentine's Day Gift Ideas He'll Love!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

By Sarah Nutt

Valentine's Day is about expressing the love you have for your significant other. While writing these ideas with a male counterpart in mind, know you can apply these tips to anyone in your life! You don't need a boyfriend or husband to celebrate this holiday of love. Remember to show your bestie, mama, cousin, or Abuelita love too this Valentine's Day. Use anything from this list to let them know on February 14th (and any day after) that you love them.

1. Take his car to a car wash and then load it with goodies!

On TikTok a while back, I saw a girl do this for her boyfriend, and I thought it was such a lovely idea! If you can find an excuse to borrow his car, take it out and clean it up! For those with car junkie boyfriends, this one may seem impossible if you can't find a way to take his car sneakily; no worries! You can still get his favorite snacks at the store and stock up his "baby" (slight eye roll, lol) with treats.

Total cost: $16-$24

2. One word: Groupon.

Ladies and gents, this may be the first time I write about this, but I swear on Princess Diana's Sapphire ring, it will NOT be my last- GROUPON!! If your bf would instead go on a date or be gifted an experience, Groupon is the affordable place to look. I am not sponsored in saying this; I just love Groupon the way Taylor Swift loves Joe Alwyn (that just means a lot). Groupon has discounted fitness classes, spa treatments, axe throwing sessions, flight lessons, and much more.

Total Cost: Varies depending on what offer you pick. A huge pro is that this is flexible with your budget!

3. A quick CVS trip: your favorite photo of you two printed onto a canvas!

Again, not sponsored, just a sales lover- CVS runs Valentine's day sales where you can get 30% or 40% off your same-day canvas prints! So if you need a last minute gift, fear not! Check out their site, use the coupon on the site, and get your canvas printed. E-A-S-Y! With the money saved, you can get snacks when you stop in and make your gift bag overflowing with sweetness :) ( I am cheesy, I know).

Total cost: $12-$20

4. Something That'll Inspire Him!

The next two gift ideas will require some extra brainpower and expert investigations skills: find out if he wants to take up any new hobbies or activities and get him something that will help him do that! A new book on that topic, a sketch pad, snowboarding goggles, give it some thought and then jet over to the store (or get that Amazon Prime orders in ASAP!)

Total Cost: Varied depending on what you choose and what your budget is!

5. Something That Helps Fuel His Current Hobbies!

Get him something that aligns with his current interest or hobbies. If he likes working out, get him his favorite protein powder; if it's video games, get him a game controller stand, a new camera strap, try to get something that reflects his interests, and will love it!

Total cost: varied depending on what you choose and what your budget is!

6. Make a video, collage, or piece of art!

If you have North West like art skills, then what are you doing reading this! If you're a crafty gal, use your artistic talents to make your honey something special that he will be able to cherish forever. Whatever your skill, hone in on that and make something special.

Total Cost: Free- $20, depending on what supplies you need (if any)!

7. Something He Needs

Personally, when it comes to gifts, I LOVE something practical. and I'm sure he will too! If you notice a hole in this sock, a ripped backpack, an outdated and overused flannel- surprise him with a new one!

Total Cost: Varied depending on what he needs. Anywhere from $8-$40.

8. Get crafty!

If you do not have North West art skills but have a heart set on making something, then girl, go for it! Like making a piece of artwork, you can always make him something practical and based on what you know he would like. Be sure to check out Pinterest for all the inspiration. Here's a link to one DIY blog that I found has a ton of awesome ideas !

Total Cost: Varied depending on what supplies you need. Anywhere from $8-$30.

9. A favorite snack pack & spa combo.

You may have noticed by now that I am obsessed with snacks. I firmly believe a snack pack is a gift suitable for *almost* every occasion. If you're on a time crunch, head to the store and pick up some of his favorite goodies.

Also, I don't CARE what any boy says; boys want to be pampered too (even if they won't admit it) !!! So, head over to the beauty aisle and pick up some face masks, eye masks, and other ~spa theme~ items (or, if you'd instead make your facemasks, check out Pinterest for DIY oat mask and grab those ingredients).

Total Cost: $25

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