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About Me




I'm Sarah Nutt. 

Hola Girlies!

I'm a sucker for creating, personal growth, and finding the best deals!


(cue Sucker by the best brothers, The JoBros)

I hope that we make 2021 your year! I made it my goal to make the most of this year. I want to get stronger spiritually, mentally, and physically, and I'd like that for you too! 


I must warn you, though: I am not a health guru, Instagram model, or perfect Jesus follower. Instead, I am a normal 23-year-old human who still gets adult acne (rude) and has a really quirky and totally unique obsession with iCeD CoFfEe. I'm a Christian, a new wifey, and a mediocre cook. 


 If you are also a normal human being who wants to master loving others, yourself, and this beautiful life - then welcome to the Creciendo club, honey! 



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